The AI copilot for your team

Stop searching through endless Slack threads, Google Docs and Jira tickets.

Just ask Zef.

End the frustrating hunt for answers.

Leveraging your own team's knowledge base and powered by recent advancements in AI, Zef solves every team's nightmare of never-ending, fragmented internal documentation.

Zef is your team's personalized chatbot assistant, equipped with the collective knowledge of your internal resources and wikis. In seconds, Zef finds and provides your team the answers they need to move forward.

Zef helps...

the project manager.

Q: What OKR is most at risk of falling short in H1?



Google Docs: Growth OKRs H1 2023

Notion: Growth Team Meeting Notes (5/13)

Excel: CAC / LTV 2023

Zef's Confidence: 91%


What is Zef?

Zef is a chatbot tool for employees that offers instant responses to work-related queries. It uses your selection of team resources and public resources to identify the correct answer.

How does a custom AI chatbot help my team?

Sifting through stacks of internal docs and comms is a waste of your team's valuable time and energy. Zef finds and provides answers in seconds.

Where does Zef get its answers from?

You choose. Zef can reference internal sources such as Google Docs, Notion, Slack, Excel, and Jira, as well as external ones like articles, journals, API docs, and any website.

How does my team access Zef?

Your team can access Zef through a user-friendly web interface on any browser, like Chrome or Safari.

Sneak peek at the roadmap: Slackbots, voice chat, SMS and an API.

Is Zef safe to use?

We've made sure of it.

  • You have ultimate control over what Zef should and shouldn't use as its knowledge base.
  • We never need to store your data in plaintext.
  • Your custom Zef chatbot will be accessible by your team only.

How do I join the free beta for Zef?

Be one of the first 50 teams to sign up and get free early access to our pilot program. Drop your email below or say hello at info@askzef.com.

Join the free beta.

We'd love to partner with you and refine Zef with your needs in mind.


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